Sightseeing around Rhodes

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Sightseeing around Rhodes is an adventure into history, natural beauty and tradition. From archaeological finds of immense cultural and historical importance such as the Ancient Stadium and the Temple of Apollo on Monte Smith to entire cities dating back to antiquity such as Kamiros and Lindos, Rhodes is an amazing destination for history lovers. The island’s medieval past is best showcased not just in the majestic Old Town, but also in the intriguing Monastery of Filerimos and the ruins of fortifications such as the ones in Monolithos, Archangelos and Agathi. 

Nature aficionados will be thrilled to come across the verdant Valley of the Butterflies on the west coast and Seven Springs on the east, whereas a road-trip up the island’s highest mountain Attaviros promises amazing views and traditional culinary surprises in quaint villages such as Embonas or Apollona. 

The people of Sia Mare Homes would be delighted to assist you with suggestions and directions to the island’s attractions, so make sure to ask for their insider’s tips!